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Failing to file or pay your taxes on time can have serious consequences. You can get hit with fines and penalties that add to your total debt balance. Eventually, you may face wage garnishment or seizure of your assets to cover a large back tax debt. Luckily, getting out of back tax troubles is often doable if you have a skilled tax help specialist by your side. In the greater Lexington area, you can put your trust in Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our job is to find the most effective and lasting way to resolve your unpaid taxes, minimizing the long-term damage and, if at all possible, improving your financial situation. Whether you misfiled and need to amend your tax return or you never filed or paid at all, our pros can help you find a way forward onto a firmer footing. Contact us now via phone or e-mail to schedule your initial consultation!

Taxation Solutions- Tax formsWe offer tax assistance including:

  • Filing late tax returns
  • Amending misfiled returns
  • Determining your best repayment strategy
  • Negotiating tax settlements to ease your burden
  • Petitioning to have penalties removed
  • Advising you on avoiding owing back taxes in the future

Taxation Solutions, Inc. can step in whether you filed a single tax return late or you owe years in delinquent taxes and related penalties and fees. Our first course of action will always be to get your paperwork up to date so we can show the IRS you intend to become compliant. Then, we’ll assess your specific circumstances and decide which tax settlement or form of penalty abatement is best suited to your needs. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure that your case has the best possible outcome.

Licensed & Insured Tax Help Professionals

Taxation Solutions, Inc. is staffed with licensed tax assistance specialists, including enrolled agents and a tax attorney. For your protection and peace of mind, we’re also fully insured to provide help with back taxes and other tax problems. When you come to us to file back taxes and deal with the fallout, you can expect to work with a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Among our team, we have more than four decades of experience on the job, and we’ll put every bit of it to work on your behalf.

We’re proud to be affiliated with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the National Association of Tax Professionals. We’re available for emergency service, if your delinquent taxes have you up against a tight deadline. No matter how quick the turnaround, we’ll strive for superior workmanship, paying close attention to the details of your case in order to provide you with accurate results. Ready to get started and leave those IRS back taxes in the past? If you live or own a business in Lexington, contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. today! 

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